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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Consulting

Digital Currency

Digital Currency or Tokens are the byproduct of blockchain technology. This does not mean blockchain technology cannot be used or created without the addition of a currency.

Our Work environment

We combine our core competencies to ensure your entire project is covered from inception to fruition

Partnership or Consultation

We have a varying structure when it comes to how we are compensated for our work and we cater the agreement based on the circumstances.

Darren Franceschini

Darren has been an active member in the cryptocurrency world for over 6 years. He has created his own cryptocurrencies, consulted on many different projects. Marketed and Advertised to the industry for many different projects. He has consulted major banks and large enterprise level companies on the implementation and use case of integrating blockchain technology into their business operations. Currently he has amassed a large network in this industry because of his years being involved and has access to a multitude of connections that ensure projects and ICO's have an expedited progression.

Global Affairs Officer
Eric Godwin

Eric been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2011. He has been extensively involved in trading cryptocurrencies and conducting research and analysis on the development of blockchain technologies. Eric has founded his own think-tank and works as a research analyst for an intelligence firm based out of Washington D.C. Eric has gained experience in the financial sector through work on Bay Street as well as at D&D Securities where he specialized in mining, oil & gas, and internet technology sectors. Eric is also skilled in computing, specializing in hardware and constructing optimized systems for different purposes, such as mining cryptocurrency.

Cryptoeconomic Analyst
Brandon Dunlop

Brandon has been involved in the cryptocurrency space for two years. As a previous Forex trader/analyst he spent his time conducting technical analysis and analyzing historical data to determine the forces that drive market changes. Once discovering this new market sector he dove in head first and has fully embraced cryptocurrency & blockchain. He has applied his past knowledge to this new industry and has proven techniques on how to determine market shifts, new coin launch successes and has provided statistical analysis to various clients on their projects to which he has seen amazingly positive results.

Information Collections Officer
Jesse Federman

Throughout his years Jesse has been involved with the advancement of blockchain technology . Having previous experience in Forex trading, backend server hosting, mining and information technology, Jesse has also been heavily involved in grassroots communities during the inception of many popular coins and ICOs. Having been a Social Science major he is able to understand human behavior's effect on markets and role communication trends play. By applying data mining algorithms with his ability to understand social trends he brings on board scalable data and information analysis techniques that are essential to help forecast and observe trends in this ever changing market.

Technical Lead
Viven Kalia

Viven has been consistently involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2014 with a primary interest in the technical development and security of blockchain technologies. He also has a major interest in researching the latest in cryptocurrency technologies, and is also an administrator for an online professional crypto trading group providing a technical guidance for new members. Viven has a development background with blockchain technologies built on the Ethereum blockchain, ERP software development, and full stack. He has a passion for the cryptocurrency space becoming impactful for everyday internet users in protecting their security and personal data.

Strategic Account Director
Jason Coles

Strategic Account Director at Blockchain Technologies Consulting GTA, Co-founder of Travelcoin. ICO consultant, blockchain enthusiast, cryptocurrency trader.

Community Management Specialist
Rory Piant

With a background in journalism and finance, Rory has helped several successful ICOs and crowd-sales meet their funding goals. Specializing in marketing and community management he brings both insight, and experience to our team. “My real focus in ensuring the creation of a community that is both educated and energized by your vision”. He currently resides in Texas where he lives with his wife, two daughters, and a very destructive dog.

Social Media Manager
Shaun Benoliel

Shaun understands cultural trends and patterns that have enabled him to work on a variety of clients ranging from small to large scale, producing branding packages, marketing and creative strategies, pitch decks and full scale campaigns. Shaun worked for #paid a leading social marketing agency priding creative strategy for fortune 1000 companies including, Coca Cola, RBC and many more. Shaun's interest in the cryptocurrency industry started a few years ago when he saw the power of he technology and how it could change the existing industries. Shaun's expertise in advertising, marketing and social media makes him a valuable asset in developing crypto-based branding, marketing as well as creating an online community and building social media presence.

Full Stack Developer
David Cao

11+ years’experience with leading J2EE Application in a variety of industries, boasting 7+ years of influential experience governing the transformation of a trusted technology solutions provider, with technical leadership in implementing advanced cross channel commerce solutions based upon IBM WebSphere Commerce and related products. He worked on multiple projects with the complex needs of clients in a timely manner and collaboration with Fortune 500 executive stakeholders, culminating in lucrative and dramatic business growth such as HomeDepot, Sears, Toshiba, Men's Wearhouse and Xerox.

Full Stack Developer
Garrett Sherman

While new to the cryptocurrency space, Garrett has been helping businesses build their online presence and succeed online since 2014. As a full stack web developer, Garrett’s main focus is developing reliable and secure web applications with great user experiences. Utilizing his dual business & computer science backgrounds, Garrett not only helps build web applications but also uses his knowledge of SEO, online advertising, and analytics to help businesses improve their bottom line.

Business Development
Emal Safi

Specialized in strategic development and rapid deployment of blockchain business solutions. Worked with partners and vendors from around the globe to deploy leading edge technology solutions in finance, mining and mobility industries. Learned to execute new enterprise blockchain strategies efficiently and effectively while delivering long term scalable solutions. Aligning technology goals with business processes and maintaining a balance of accessibility and security. Project managed $10million+ deployments.Full stack knowledge of enterprise architecture: Blockchain, Ethereum protocols, Vmware, Hyper-V, VPN and Firewalls, WAN Accelerators, Cisco Unified Communications, HP, Dell Enterprise SANS, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Encryption, Software, Google Services, Microsoft, iOS and Android integration

Kshitish Balhotra

Multi-faceted MBA professional with 10+ years of experience in international environments (Asia, Europe, North America). Specialized in Blockchain platforms product development with special focus on Token/Initial Coin Offering platform development.