Consulting Services

We exceed customer expectations and have built on a variety of protocols such as Ethereum (ERC20 & ERC223), Bitcoin Core, Hyperledger, DAG, NEM and proprietary blockchains.

We develop customized solutions based on your needs including but not limited to smart contract development, dApps & API Integration, Crypto Wallets, Swarm & Whisper Integration, ENS & uPort integration, and Security Penetration Testing and formalized code audits.


Pioneers of the Blockchain Frontier

The team at Blockchain Technologies have a combined 20+ years experience in the Fintech and Blockchain industry. Our core competencies have allowed us to build a team of experts with years of rapport, trust and knowledge in this industry. We are pioneering the future of Blockchain and its use cases for global adoption.

Security Token offerings

Initial coin offerings


investor matching


Legal and Licensing Services



blockchain Security Auditing


Public & Private Blockchain Creation


proof of concept/ use case development


customized blockchain erp solutions


Wallet Integration


Full Scale Enterprise Solutions


advanced api integration


kyc/aml, authentication, etl/reporting


If you are in need of marketing, branding, community management or social media solutions we would be happy to introduce you to our trusted partners with successful track records.

Blockchain Technology is the Future

Want to learn more about how Blockchain technology can impact your business? Or already have a plan in place and need help executing? Our experienced team of blockchain consultants can you help you make your vision a reality.